Our Story

Our Story

“We all have a story to tell, whether we whisper or yell”

In short, we are just like you, a plant enthusiastic or a farmer, whatever you prefer to call yourself. We are just a part of the community from where you belong. We smell the soil, taste the texture, long for the rain or wait for the seed to germinate, just like you do. We know what your soil look for, we know what you plant need, just like you know. We just bring them to you with a guarantee of purity and trust of sustainability.

Our founder member created us in 2019 after a decade of dream of doing so. Now it will be better to hear the story from her own pen, after all, authenticity and purity are the things that brought you here.

From Founder's Desk

There is a rich history of Indian Agriculture evolved from the time of Vedic civilization to now, passing through the ages of Green revolution and other scientific advancements. Being a student of biological sciences and a person from research background, I was becoming gradually aware about them during my studies. I completed my PhD in the area of tea eating pests, and, as a post-doctorate researcher I have worked in the Tocklai Tea Research Institute, Assam on various non-chemical tools tested to reduce the enormous chemical burden from tea-crop. For years after years, touches of those tea leaves has enthralled me about the beautiful creation of nature called plants. Along with that, I was also deeply cultivating the facts that our climates are changing, our soils are losing carbons and fertility, places are getting hotter and drier, plants are getting prone of pathogenic attacks and so on. Fortunately, the mankind has the ability to identify their environmental problems and search for the mystery to solve it. Our science starting from the Vedic age has made enough advancement to solve those issues and spread the helping hand towards the farming community. Thus, it was my duty to bring that scientific knowledge that I had gathered in my life to you for the benefit of your plants and our planet. I still remember, on a fine morning I saw FAO was celebrating International year of plant health, and the idea to do something for the farming community suddenly sparked in my mind. I wrapped my bag, lab note books and decided to devote myself in production of farm inputs that can really make tangible result in cropping fields or in case, your pots also.

So my journey was basically started from different labs and now came to land, where my venture is keen to provided services for healthy and sustainable agriculture.

During ideation phase, I found an opportunity to promote organic farming quite well, in coming years as a measure to make cropping a sustainable affair. During my research phase, I realized that the scientific findings, researches on ITK and organic farming should have a bigger platform as the world is really concerned about plant health, food security and so do our own country, India.

While designing my products, I have passed the steps like discovery, scoping, development, rigorous validation processes and ultimately commercialization. With my research knowledge, I sat up my own pilot project at home by setting a small vermicompost unit and further surveying the population of herbs around. In my kitchen garden, preliminary trials were done which gave satisfactory results. At this stage, I came across the scheme Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana - Remunerative Approaches for Agriculture and Allied Sectors Rejuvenation (RKVY- RAFTAAR) endorsed by Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, Govt. of India. At the same time I came across a notice from National Institute of Agricultural Extension Management, Hyderabad seeking application from people who has potential ideas. That was the golden opportunity for my idea. In this residential course provided by MANAGE, I was able to develop entrepreneurial skill within myself. This is a continuous process though, with every milestone set by MANAGE, I had many things to learn and at the same time to apply.

And finally, I got selected for Grant in-aid of Rs. 5lakhs Under RKVY-RAFTAAR scheme and hence the balls started to roll through incorporation of our LLP on 19th February 2020. We also registered ourselves to StartUp India portal then to MSME, India. The MVPs were ready to be tested and trialled. In this connection we collaborated with Uttar Banga Krishi Viswavidyalaya (UBKV) for trial of Jivadhana. Suahli was tested in a NABL accredited laboratory. Both product names and Company logo was got registered as trademark.

With all these acquired wisdom and experiences, I got the strength to lay the cornerstone of my company Ecophilic Farming Solutions LLP. In this exquisite path of devotion towards Indian farming community I am blessed by all of my teachers, gurus and parents. I am also supported by my knowledgeable friends who have made the path easier to ride. I have found the ecstasy in working for a sustainable world. I wholeheartedly wish our products will be very much beneficial for your own soil and plants. In case of any queries feel free to contact me.

With love,